Elementor #26

ASA : 398853048

The first Algorand Meme Token 100% community backed​

Made with love by IQ Private Calls team

IQ Inu was born after a bunch of friends discovered the power of Algorand blockchain. Impressed by its speed, usage cost, and user-friendly environment; we started to follow recently launched projects. We discovered TinyChart on the very first day. Low-cost also means it attracts a lot of scammers. We tried our luck on some meme tokens without much success. Finally, a meme token reached a respectable marketcap; but we were unable to find information about the development team, background, or even what motivated them.

We decided to make our very own meme token, $IQ, managed by a trusted team here for long term. We had the privilege of obtaining the early support from TinyChart dev as a liquidity provider; which laid the foundations of our phenomenal growth as Algorand's most recognized meme token.

We want to thank everyone who provided liquidity on the first day; you are legends.


Initial Liquidity
Dev funds
Max Supply
Total tokens issued at genesis
Airdrop left
Yet to be distributed over our contests
Token burn
Yet to be performed - Waiting for a reliable tool to do so


November 21


Token creation, Airdrop event, Meme contest

December 21


Tokenomics v2, Verification

Q1 2022


IQ Inu 1st Algo meme token, Listing CMC / CG

Tokenomics v2 will reveal more token features. Exciting plans for future token utility are being carefully formulated at IQ INU HQ.

How to buy

1 - Setup MyAlgoWallet

Go to MyAlgoWallet and setup a new wallet or connect to an existing one.

Don't forget to write down your words!

2 - Buy Algorand

Get some ALGO at your preferred exchange (KuCoin, Binance).

3 - Transfer to MyAlgoWallet

Copy your Algorand address and transfer ALGO to your wallet.

4 - Swap

Go to Tinyman

If not done yet, opt-in ASA (398853048)

Put in the ALGO amount you wish to swap. Make sure you got enough ALGO for the transaction fee (keep at least 0.1 ALGO in your wallet, always)

5 - Add liquidity

If you wish, you can add liquidity here.


Our community holds the power over the future of the token. Join us !